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 on Saturday  

The longer the addition of features on the machine blogspot can be said that almost rival the rival weight wordpress, after readmore features, static pages, auto save, gravatar, now in adding another new feature is the template designer, although I have not optimized the template designer to try this feature but I can take tentative conclusions of this feature is to simplify features bloggers view their blogs, although still customize the default or standard which is served by his own blogspot, but I guarantee that these new features could make my friend addicted to experiment with the features of template designers to modify the template, layout, background, tittle font, color, add css and others without having to go into the edit HTML because I think this feature is easy enough to understand with the user friendly display.
To try out the new features of the template designer pal first login with a blogspot account (, Then go to your dashboard and select the blog that will be in the customization and then click the layout, there will be no addition of a new tab is the template designer like the image below.

Click the template tab in the designer and then my friend will be in direct to the page template designers like below:

If you already go to the page template designer pal lived experiment to further customize your blog, I recommend not on the main blog, study first the dummy blog or blogs for fun heheheheh. Here's a preview of the customized templates designer:

Now Calls features designer templates, without having to report to tooling with HTML code in the edit menu select the option to stay there click preview then apply the results of the change. Life Easier so right? I guess it would be no change in quantities nih designers create a template to further vary the existing template on the template designer features because I see only a few templates available aja. Please pal berekperimen with these new features, I also still have not menjelalajah more in these new features. OK buddy, happy blogging

New Featured Designer Templates 4.5 5 Irfan Zack Saturday The longer the addition of features on the machine blogspot can be said that almost rival the rival...

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