World’s first sex robot with AI

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Roxxxy World's first sex robot with AI

Roxxxy could be the answer to many a guy's dreams, no kidding. She's 5 feet 7 inches tall, has the perfect figure, her skin is soft and warm, she'll chat to you about anything you're interested in and she is more than willing to have sex whenever and wherever you please for as long as you wish.

If you feel like changing Roxxxy's personality to suit the mood you can. This glamorous gadget comes with five different characters including Frigid Farrah, Mature Martha and Wild Wendy or even S & M Susan or Young Yoko and you can programme your own too, but before you ask, none of them can cook or clean.

Roxxxy is the creation of inventor Douglas Hines and is possibly the most sophisticated sex toy on the market today. Alright so she's marketed as a companion but we all know what she's really meant for, the xxx in her name kinda gives a clue.

Her body is anatomically just like a real woman. Her skin is made from silicone and is touch sensitive in all the right places and she can even have an orgasm.

Inside Roxxxy is a computer that incorporates voice recognition and speech synthesis software. She comes with a laptop that you can plug into her back and this will provide regular updates and will allow Roxxxy to improve her vocabulary.

The sex robot runs on a battery that has a life of about 3 hours so you will need to charge her up regularly via the outlet in her back.

Hines who is a computer scientist says the idea for the sex robot came when he was looking for a marketable application for his Artificial Intelligence Technology. Speaking about the sex robot he believes "there's a tremendous need for this kind of product".

Roxxxy will be sold directly from Hine's website,, when she becomes available in a few months time and he's taking pre-orders for her now. Apparently thousands of men have already signed up.

Many women are interested too and have apparently been asking for a male version so Hines is currently developing Rocky, Roxxxy's hunky male counterpart.

Initially the sex robots will only be able to speak and understand English but future versions will include Japanese or Spanish options.

If you fancy Roxxxy then you can have her for around $7000 give or take a few dollars depending on what features you want, if Rocky is more to your liking then he'll be available soon.

World’s first sex robot with AI 4.5 5 Irfan Zack Monday Roxxxy could be the answer to many a guy's dreams, no kidding. She's 5 feet 7 inches tall, has the perfect figure, her skin is soft...

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